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Got Extra Toilet Paper Tubes? Check Out These Printable Crafts!

If you ended up with a bunch of toilet paper and just as many empty tubes then you may be in luck. Especially if you have kids or kids at heart at home. has released a bunch of printable toilet paper tube crafts that you can make. They have characters from Superheroes to Minions to Olaf from Frozen.

They came out with these knowing that parents at home are looking for things to do with their kids. And boy am I excited to print some of these out. If there’s one thing that will be used during this quarantine it’s printer ink and toilet paper tubes! Plus it’s a fun break from forcing the kid to do school work. And there’s even a Batman one that Dad can make and play with!

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Check out the templates for these projects by clicking the link here. And save yourself a headache from everyone saying they’re bored!

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