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These Socks Are Perfect For Gaming In Peace

You’ve spent hours grinding for this. All of your characters have the strongest weapons, you’ve maxed out your items, and abilities have been fine tuned to perfection. You’re ready to destroy one of the game’s most challenging bosses. Of course, things never go quite as planned. Inevitably, your mom, or brother or someone will walk in right when you are trying to focus on the fight. You might even lose the fight because of the distraction. Either way, the tension of the moment has been ruined and you feel a little sour about all that time put in for a distraction to mess it up.

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That’s where these socks come in. Dvluck on Amazon offers some cool socks with anti-slip letters on the bottom. Face your feet towards anyone entering your sanctuary and they will clearly see “Do Not Disturb, I’m Gaming.” These socks are available in both casual and ankle sock form. Additionally, you can get the socks in black, white or gray and the lettering color will change as well. These are comfortable socks you can wear sitting on the couch or on the go to the game store. They are even moisture wicking to prevent any smelly situations in summer. Best of all, they’re really cheap!

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So if you find yourself tired of having to yell at siblings or ask your roommate to leave you alone, try a pair of these. At the minimum, you will have a pair of cool and comfortable socks to wear while you enjoy your favorite past time.

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