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Tiramisu Oreos Are Here To Fulfill Our Sweet Tooth!

Now I am not a big fan of tiramisu, now hold onto that pitchfork and let me speak my piece! It’s a textural thing, I love the flavor but the texture is what kills me. My friends have tried many ways for me to love it, but I just can’t get past it. It’s like someone chewed the cake and the spit it out for the lady finger part. Yeah, gross. Thankfully Oreo has heard my cries of sorrow and has brought me an early birthday gift, Oreo Tiramisu! Candy Hunting on Instagram has reported and I have actually seen it at Target!

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Here are the new Tiramisu Oreos! This is a product that exemplifies the fact that everyone has a different set of tastebuds. There are a number of negative reviews out there, but I love these. I can taste the tangy mascarpone cheese flavor and the coffee flavor in the creme filling. In my opinion, they nailed the tiramisu flavor. No, it’s not the same as eating a slice of the dessert. This is the Oreo cookie take on those flavors and, to me, it works. 9/10. Bought these at Walmart.

It is checking off all those delicious boxes of marscarpone and coffee YES PLEASE!!

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