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Watch As Danny Devito Reads Dr Suess’ “The Lorax” on Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! And to help us celebrate the 50th is Danny Devito who famously played the voice of The Lorax in the 2012 film is here to read us the story.

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The only way I knew it was Earth Day was because while going over my daughters work for the day her teacher had scheduled all kinds of Earth Day activities. When you become an adult the days can all seem the same and start to blur together. So when we get something special like this it’s good to take a moment and enjoy it. One of the assignments was to listen to a reading of The Lorax so this will definitely be the version we listen to now.

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The Lorax is a cautionary tale about taking care of the environment. First published in 1971 it chronicles the plight of the environment and introduces us to The Lorax who speaks for the trees. In the story The Lorax confronts the Once-ler who is responsible for the environmental destruction and it teaches us to stand up for those who can not stand up for themselves.

And while Danny Devito wants us to do that he also wants us to be taking care of ourselves first. Devito shot the video from home where he is currently self isolating. It’s important to be practicing social distancing protocols until we get Covid-19 under control. He recently sent out a message that was shared by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reminding us all to stay safe.

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