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Bane Schools Batman About Mask Safety in This Covid-19 PSA

Now that the “new normal” includes wearing a mask whenever we go out super heroes and some super villains are finally feeling seen. A few still need to be reminded about safety protocols, like our friend Batman. Though you could argue that he already wears a mask, unfortunately it’s not the right kind to keep him protected from Covid-19. And that’s where our friend Bane comes in, giving him a gentle reminder that his mouth and nose need to be covered. In this Covid-19 PSA Bane uncharacteristically saves the day.

Artify – Square

There are a few things to remember when picking a mask to combat coronavirus. You have to make sure you have your nose and mouth covered. And something with a filter is preferred. Just being Batman won’t help you in this instance.

If you’re looking for a fun mask you can try 3D printing your own Bane mask and inserting a filter or you can buy a cloth one. If you’re lucky you may be able to find an N95 mask but those are hard to find. Some of our choices for coolest masks can be found down below. And remember if you have to go out for some essentials, stay safe!

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