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Sailor Moon Inspired Mask Is Perfect For Protecting Yourself And Others

For Moonies (Sailor Moon Fans) there is one particular pattern that always stands out. We know when we see it, and no I am not talking about the Sailor Scout’s outfits, I am talking about this.

Sailor Moon inspired Bunny of the Moon Bedspread Blanket Print" by ...
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Yup Usagi’s bed sheets, I remember watching the 90’s anime and always thought to myself just how cute they really are. Wasn’t until later when I found out what her name means that I was like, oh my gosh how funny and cute! Because Usagi if you don’t know means rabbit in Japanese. Usagi Tsukino fully meaning “Rabbit of the Moon”. A Clever play on Naoko’s part.

The life of an essential worker is tough my friends we have to wear masks to keep everyone and ourselves safe. So I am always trying to find things to protect myself with. Work says we can wear items we just can’t promote things. Buuuuut when I found this 90s magical girl inspired mask online, I will have to get it. It’s not really promoting anything it’s just cute rabbits with moons is all.

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90s Magical Girl Anime Facemask
Remember how adorable her blanket was in the anime and how much you wished you could have that exact same blanket for your bed? Well now you can!

Let’s be real this is super cute! It doesn’t come with it’s own inserts but hey, I am willing to rep this everyday of my life if I have to, it will match my tattoos perfectly.

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