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These Wireless Pikachu Earbuds Charge Inside of a Pokeball

Are you thinking of more ways you can incorportate your Pokemon addiction into your daily routine? How about reaching for a Pokeball regularly for practical purposes? Sounds awesome right? Keep your favorite rodent Pokemon close by, I mean really really close, with these earbuds by Razer.

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These earbuds follow the standard shape that many popular earbuds follow. Except these come in a really nice mattte yellow with an icon that depicts our favorite electric pokemon’s back side.

To top it all off, the charging case is a pokeball!

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The price tag for this item is expected to be around $120 when these launch in China on April 16. However when it comes to practicality, we do feel obligated to tell you that Razer’s new Pokémon Pikachu True Wireless earphones don’t come with a lot of quality features that people expect from a pair of top of the line earbuds. There’s no active noise canceling, only the silicone ear tips that help block out unwanted noise. The 13-millimeter drivers will result in excellent bass reproduction, however, they result in an active battery life of about three hours, or 15 hours in total when topped off using the charging case.

If you want to check the listing you can do so by clicking the link here.

However, this item will give you a reason to carry around a Pokeball for practical reasons. You don’t have to be gaming in order to enjoy your Pokemon accessories, which was cool about Nintendo’s Pokeball Plus. But limited to gaming. Whereas you could use your wireless earbuds for so many other aspects of your life such as jamming to the Pokemon theme songs, or taking calls.

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