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This Alien Facehugger Mask is Perfect to Keep People 6+ Feet Away

Quarantine is hard, and the fact that we’re supposed to wear a mask all the time when we go out now is pretty trying. Some of us can’t get our hands on one because they are few and hard to come by. Others are relying on friends who can sew to send them one. Medical masks and N95’s are in high demand. But what we really want is a mask that will keep us safe. And Lady Frankenstein on Facebook may have found the perfect solution for that. She’s made a custom Alien Facehugger mask to keep her husband safe. And while it keeps his mouth and nose covered it also reminds people around him that they should be social distancing.

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Now when he goes out for essentials she knows that he will be safe. Or at least the people around him will want to stand a few extra feet back. What’s even better is that you could easily place a coffee filter under the mouth covering part for extra protection.

While this was only a one off it makes us proud that those in the nerd community are so creative. You won’t find this readily available on the market, but you can find some very crafty creations if you dig deep enough. You can check out Lady Frankenstein’s Facebook by following the link here. And while she is located in Germany and all of her posts are in German that’s nothing a little Google Translate can’t fix.

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If you really want an Alien mask they are selling some cool Alien ones on Etsy. They are similar to the one by Lady Frankenstein but a little more plain. But if you really want one they are there for purchase.

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