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This Dog Always Searches for the Fluffiest Dogs in Daycare to Nap on

Edna has been going to daycare since she was just a little puppy, and she has always followed her same old routine. She runs and plays hard for the first couple hours until it tires her out, then needs some sleep to recharge her energy for the rest of the day. As soon as it’s naptime, she goes onto her search for a cozy spot to doze off, and no, not on the floor, but on the tummy or back of the fluffiest dog at daycare that day.

Little Edna is fearless- whether that lucky dog is big or small- as long as she has decided, it will become her napping pillow. In fact, the dogs don’t seem to mind having a snuggle buddy at all.

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“All the dogs seem to enjoy the snuggling company,” Brianna Gottfried, one of Edna’s family members, told The Dodo. “Even the tiny wiener dogs.” 

When it’s finally time to leave, Edna would still be sound asleep on one of her buddies.

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“When it’s time to go home I always have to peel her off of another dog,” Gottfried said.

This is really cute and definitely way easier when she was a small pup, but even now that she’s bigger, Edna refuses to give up her habit. She still loves to play and nap, and she naps whenever and wherever she wants to.

You can follow Edna’s Instagram account here.

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