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Joe Exotic Crochet Pattern Comes Complete with Tiger Cub

If you are looking for something to do and want to hop on the Tiger King bandwagon, we’ve just found the crochet pattern for you. It’s only $7 and includes Joe Exotic and a Tiger Cub.

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The pattern has him looking like the promotional photos that he put out, only instead of crocheting a large Tiger you get to create a cub. It’s interesting that people would want this but if it’s all for a very elaborate joke that’s another thing. Perhaps for a Christmas gift as a white elephant exchange? I don’t really know anyone who is THAT obsessed with Joe Exotic but to each their own. To be fair it’s really all about Carole F*ckn Baskin.

Allison Hoffman of Crafty Is Cool created the design after watching the show. She’s selling it on Etsy for only $7, so if you have the yarn available and a teeny tiny eyebrow ring handy you won’t have to spend much to make it. The name of this hobby is amigurumi in case you do want to crochet things, just maybe not Joe Exotic…

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