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A Dining Table that Hides Your Board Games and Puzzles Inside

We’ve all experienced that moment; you’re right in the middle of a thrilling board game or really into a puzzle, when you suddenly might have to stop for various reasons.  It’s late and players need to go home for the night, or perhaps dinner is ready and the rest of the family needs the table, or maybe it’s time for bed and you want a safe spot to stash the game or puzzle until the next day.  But now, you won’t have to worry about this, thanks to this dining table that can hide your board under its surface.

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The folks at Amantea Woodwork were looking for a solution for doing puzzles without worrying about their cats stealing pieces, so they invented a table with two layers.  The upper layer is the normal dining table cut into sections that can be removed to reveal the second layer.  The second layer is where the game board or puzzle is stashed.  When gameplay or puzzle making is done for the moment, you simply replace the upper layer pieces, and your dining table is functional again.  The upper layer pieces can even be partially removed so you can keep some things away from the game area, but still adjacent (like the puzzle box, for a reference).

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The tables are custom made and can be made out of oak, maple wood, or walnut wood.  The cost varies from $1,075 to $1,790 depending on which wood is chosen.  The table itself has seven sections that can be removed from the top layer.  The table comes 91 inches long and 48 inches wide by default, but Amantea has said they can indeed create one with custom measurements.

So if you’re looking for a place to safely stash puzzles, a place to keep your Risk board safe from cheaters, or your intricate Dungeons and Dragons map pieces in place, this might just be the table for you.  You can view the site for these tables here.

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