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A Super Cute Ghost to Hold Your Toilet Paper

In these trying times, it would seem toilet paper has become a luxury item.  But that shouldn’t stop you from decorating your toilet roll.  And perhaps this can spook people from using all your toilet paper.

Shut Up and Take My Yen is featuring a Super Mario Boo Toilet Roll Holder.  The cute little grumpy ghost from the Super Mario series sits guarding your toilet paper, which can be pulled out from its mouth (imitating Boo’s ridiculously weird tongue).  This is undoubtedly one of the cutest things a video game nerd could decorate their bathroom with.  Granted, it might be a little awkward doing your business with Boo sitting there watching.

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The roll itself comes from Etsy user 3DGods, who feature a ton of cool nerdy creations.  The Boo holder is available for $10.94 and ships from the United Kingdom.  It comes in a kit so you glue it together yourself, and there are tabs to guide you on what to glue where.  It doesn’t come with the toilet roll holder, of course, but sits on the front of your existing one, just looking adorable.  And hey, if you can find red toilet paper, it’ll look just like Boo’s tongue!

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3DGods also features a bunch of other cool Nintendo or other nerd related things that you can decorate the spaces of your house with.  A lot of their products are super cute, and a good amount of them are partial art projects that can be put together and/or painted for your artistic enjoyment.

You can check out the toilet paper roll holder listing by clicking here.

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