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The Coolest New Way to Eat Your Cereal

There are those of us out there who dislike it when our cereal gets too soggy.  Sure, a bit of softness can make the texture pleasant and perfect, but too much can make it feel like mush.  So for those of us who don’t like our cereal getting soggy, there’s an awesome product out there that can help.

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A cereal bowl has been invented, called the Obol, with two walled off sections that allow you to carefully filter dry cereal from one side into the milk on the other.  This way, most of the cereal remains dry until you’re ready for it to go into the milk, and won’t grow soggy before you can get to it.  The milk side is lowered so it won’t leak in or touch the dry cereal pieces, and the wall reaches the full height of the bowl except for one little area where the cereal can be distributed in.  It’s an awesome way to keep your cereal nice and crunchy without having to rush to eat it.

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The Obol has some other neat features to it as well.  It comes with a handle on the bottom so that cereal can be eaten on the go or away from flat tabletop surfaces if one chooses.  The plastic it’s made from is BPA free, which is a feature many of us enjoy in our plastic wares.  It also comes in three different colors, and it’s perfect for kids and adults to use to enjoy a nice, crunchy breakfast. The Obol is available on Amazon, and comes in medium or large size options.

You can check out the listing for it by clicking the link here.

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