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This Portable Bidet is Here to Save You if You Run Out of Toilet Paper

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The world is a little crazy right now, and toilet paper is a hot commodity. Stores can’t keep it on the shelves! Panic buying and stockpiling is bringing some of us uncomfortably close to toilet despair. Fear not, because this portable bidet is coming to our rescue!

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A bidet is a companion toilet device used to spritz your bits with water after you use the bathroom. Arguably, this is actually a more efficient and effective way to clean your tush over toilet paper. Perhaps a little more hygienic, too?

In the event that you actually run out of toilet paper (or just to lessen your TP usage), simply fill the bottle of the portable bidet with water before sitting down to do your business. After you’re done, aim and squeeze to clean your undercarriage.

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You’ll wonder why you never used a bidet before!

There are also versions you can affix to your toilet seat. These are connected directly to your water line, so you don’t need to worry about filling a bottle before hand — in case your trip to the loo is an emergency. But this portable bidet is a great option for right now! It’s useful, easily moveable, and affordable. Some even come with carrying bags, so you can stay squeaky clean on the go. 

Get your portable bidet over on Amazon, before everyone else catches on, and they’re all sold out!

If you want one for travel that’s a little more discrete, Tushy has a great option, too.

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