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How to Use HappyMod for Free Subscription Services

HappyMod is the latest in a long line of unofficial app stores, but this one is a little different from the others. HappyMod offers a whole host of apps and games, all modified, providing premium features and subscriptions for free, and loads of other features and functionalities. HappyMod is only available for Android users right now and is very simple to download.

Let’s look into the details.

HappyMod Features

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When Android users install HappyMod, they get all these cool features:

  • Modded AppsHappyMod is the biggest alternative Android store to offer modded and cracked apps, even down to premium features for free
  • Old Versions – if an app version doesn’t work on your device, you can try an older version
  • Trending/Popular Apps – modded versions of the most popular and trending apps
  • User-Friendly – User-friendly app, easy to navigate
  • Parameters – see all the added features for each app and game

Download HappyMod APK

Downloading HappyMod is quite simple to do:

  1. First, got to your device Security settings and enabled Unknown Sources
  2. Now download HappyMod APK to your device
  3. Go to Downloads and tap on the file – the installation will begin
  4. The app icon is on your home screen

HappyMod vs. Google PlayStore

While the PlayStore and HappyMod look similar, there are some differences:

  • Cracked Apps – HappyMod offers these while the PlayStore only offers unmodified apps
  • Free – all the apps and game in HappyMod are free; many in the PlayStore require payment
  • Unlocked – premium subscriptions and features are free in HappyMod; in the PlayStore, they must be earned or paid for

Can I Use HappyMod on PC?

Yes, by using an Android Emulator, like Bluestacks or Nox:

  1. Download the emulator onto your computer – you require a Google account (free to set up)
  2. Download the Android APK file onto your computer
  3. Launch the emulator, sign in and search for HappyMod
  4. Click the result and wait for HappyMod to be installed
  5. HappyMod can be used from the emulator

How Does HappyMod Work?

HappyMod offers an app store experience, with plenty of apps and games available for download. However, unlike the PlayStore, everything is free, and HappyMod is also community-driven. That means anyone can upload a modded app version to the store, and users test them out. They leave comments on the apps, allowing the moderators to determine which ones are the best mods, moving them to the top of the list.

HappyMod works like this:

  • Cracked and Modified Apps – unlike official apps, you don’t need to pay for or earn in-app power-ups, such as extra lives, coins, gems, etc. They are all free and included with the game, and, as the UI is similar to the PlayStore, you will find it easy to find what you want.
  • See What You Are Getting – every apps or game comes with a list of parameters that tell you exactly what features have been added. That way, you can decide which version/s you want to download
  • Testing Apps – when you install a modded app, you can leave a comment that tells the moderators whether it works or not, whether any improvements are needed, if there are any issues, and so on

To set your mind at rest, even though users can upload mods to the store, each one is tested for safety before it is uploaded – if it doesn’t pass, it doesn’t go in, so you always get safe apps to download.


Please be aware that HappyMod contains pirate content; as we neither encourage nor condone this, please use the app responsibly.

How to Update HappyMod

HappyMod is just like any other app store, receiving updates for the included apps regularly. You can update your apps by following the directions in the notifications or by checking the store on a regular basis and installing any available updates.

As far as HappyMod goes, when the store is updated to a newer version, you do NOT have to install it. You can choose to run an older version, something you cannot do with the PlayStore – if you don’t update that, the store will not work. You will also find a NEW section in HappyMod, where you can see the latest additions and updates.

Why is HappyMod So Different?

Simply because of what it offers. Not only are you getting an app store full of modified and cracked apps for free, but you can also join in – if you find a modded app on the internet that you think should be included, upload it to the store. Provided it passes the safety and security checks, it will be added for other users to try out. The best games and apps are placed first in the lists, ensuring you download fully working content.

HappyMod is the newest Android app store, offering a unique experience. Give it a go today and let the developers know your thoughts.

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