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Why You Should Use AppValley for Apple Devices

AppValley is a popular app installer for iOS devices that offers an alternative kind of app store. Once installed, AppValley opens the door to thousands of modified and tweaked apps and games, with new features and functionality and some Cydia tweak. Read on to find out all the details.

Why You Should Use AppValley

AppValley offers you a whole new app store experience, with thousands of apps and games that you can’t get anywhere else. These include games that have all their in-app features and purchases unlocked, stock apps with new features, Cydia tweaks like screen recorders and game emulators and streaming apps, like Kodi. It is dead simple to install, takes up very little space on your device, and offers a far better customer experience than the official app store.

How To Download AppValley on iOS

Given that AppValley is an unofficial app store, you can only download it directly from the developers. This is easy enough to do; just follow these steps:

  1. Using Safari browser (other browsers do not work) on your iPhone or iPad, download AppValley from the official website
  2. Choose the iOS firmware you are running and tap on one of the Config Profile links – if one doesn’t work, try the other
  3. Tap on Allow and, when it’s done tap on Close
  4. Now launch your settings app and tap Profile Downloaded
  5. Tap Install and type in your passcode if requested
  6. Tap on Next>Install>Install and then tap on Done
  7. On your homepage, you will see the AppValley icon, ready to use.

How to Fix the Untrusted Developer Error

When you tap the AppValley icon, you may see an Untrusted Developer error stopping you using the app. Don’t worry, and this is easy to resolve:

  1. Open Settings>General and go into Profiles
  2. Find the AppValley profile and tap on it
  3. Tap the Trust button and close Settings – AppValley will work perfectly now.

How To Use AppValley

When you open AppValley, you will see all the app categories. Before we go into that because AppValley is free, there are ads – to get out of any ad, just tap the Skip button at the bottom-right of the screen.

To see any app description, just tap on it and, if you decide to download it, tap on the Get button beside the app.

The categories in AppValley are:

  • Featured – here, you can find new apps and featured apps; these tend to be the most popular apps
  • Tweaked++ Apps – here, you can find modified stock apps that have new features and functionality. Some of them have the ads removed, new content added, or some other kind of modification. These are free versions of apps that you would have to pay for or make in-app purchases. These apps include Snapchat++, Instagram++, YouTube++, WhatsApp++, Facebook++, Twitter++ and many others
  • Recommended This Week – here you can find recommended app choices, typically the most up to date app versions and other cool apps that have been recently added
  • Jailbreak – here you can find apps and tweaks that work on iOS devices running a jailbreak
  • Stream live TV – here, you can find plenty of apps for watching Live TV on your device. Apps include Live Wire, AeroTV, SlickTV, PlayBoxHD, WNBA++, Channels, iPlayTV, and many others
  • Movie on iOS – the final category offers a choice of apps that let you watch your favorite movies. Apps include MovieHD, AirVideo HD, MediaBoxHD, Comic Box, MovieBoxPro, The Movie DB, and many more.
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AppValley contains pirate apps, and we do not endorse or condone piracy in any way; please use AppValley responsibly.

Frequently Asked Questions

With millions of users worldwide, it’s no surprise that we get asked questions about AppValley. These are the most commonly asked questions answered:

Why Use AppValley?

Simply because it is the number one source of cracked and free apps that would otherwise cost you to purchase, there is no need to register to use the app, and you don’t need your Apple ID and, with a user-friendly interface, you will find AppValley dead simple to use.

Will y iPhone or iPad Be Safe?

Yes, it will. No special permissions are needed to run the app, and you don’t need to jailbreak. Your device and your data are perfectly safe, and you o not need to worry about privacy issues.

Can I Use it on a Jailbroken Device?

Yes, you can. AppValley has a special section for apps that work with a jailbreak.

What is the Most Up To Date iOS Version that AppValley will Work With?

AppValley has recently been updated to work with iOS 13.

AppValley has shown itself to be one of the very best app installers ever released, with thousands of apps to choose from. Do try it; it is free, and you might just find you never go back to the official app store.

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