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Two Nintendo Directs Could Be Happening This Month

Six months. That’s how long it’s been since the last Nintendo Direct in September 2019. While Microsoft and PlayStation have been adamantly spreading the word about their new hardware and next-gen titles, Nintendo has been surprisingly quiet. That’s why it’s not shocking to hear rumors that Nintendo will be holding not one, but two, Nintendo Directs this month.

These rumors come from sources at VentureBeat. Supposedly, Nintendo is currently wrapping up an indie showcase presentation. Indie games have seen massive success on the Nintendo Switch. With that in mind, it doesn’t seem too unrealistic that Nintendo would center an entire Direct on showing off all of the great indie titles they have coming out. It seems that the most likely date for this Nintendo Direct is March 18. That’s not all though. Supposedly, Nintendo will also be having a more general Nintendo Direct on March 26.

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It’s unlikely that either of these Nintendo Directs will focus on any specific game. Instead, they will likely show off a broad spectrum of games that Nintendo intends to release throughout 2020. The rumors do suggest that we can expect more remasters and ports in the near future. A fantastic selection of ports are already available on the Nintendo Switch, so I don’t see the company slowing that trend down any time soon. After all, didn’t we all need to buy Skyrim for like the seventh time when it became available on the Switch?

There is no official confirmation from Nintendo yet on whether either of these Directs are happening. For now, we can only keep our fingers crossed that a bunch of new game announcements are coming soon.

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