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This Godzilla Humidifier Will Blast You With Warm Steam!

When you need to buy a humidifier for any reason it’s kind of crummy. Usually you’re sick or worse your kid is prone to bloody noses. You look around and to your dismay they are all extremely boring. Well, they do have some lame frogs and cute animals but they don’t really suit your decor. Lucky for you I just found the cutest and most awesome humidifier you could ever wish for. This beautiful Godzilla humidifier will blast you with steam, keeping the air in your home nice and moist.

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The best part about this is it’s not just a humidifier. It also has sound! Here’s the description on Amazon.

  • Godzilla is here..with his radiant heat rays..!! First of its kind….King of Humidifiers..!!
  • When you Turn on the Power Button, same music just like movie will start when Godzilla appears.
  • There are LEDs in Godzilla’s mouth which will light up with effect sound of radiant heat rays.
  • Footsteps and operations will stops as soon as tank runs out of water.
  • Godzilla’s theme song will play when turn off this product.
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You can check out the listing by following the link here.

He’s really really cute. And would be a great introduction to your kid if you have one to the franchise. I know for my kid it was seeing King Kong at Universal Studios and then the conversation turned towards Kaiju. Since then we’ve been showing her all kinds of Godzilla films. And you know when she saw this, she really wanted it. So now you know it’s kid and parent approved!

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