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There’s A Sand Timer For Those Who Take Too Long in the Bathroom

So you finally have you’re own apartment. Congratulations! A two bedroom one bathroom that you share with either your growing family or a roommate. The only problem is this, you only have one bathroom. And your roomie likes to sit on the commode and read twitter for what seems like forever. Well there is now an easy way to settle when it’s time to knock on the door and say, “hey I have to go!”. Amazon has a fancy sand timer that you can flip as soon as they go in there, if you really need to go it might be a kinder option than banging on the door.

Artify – Square

For a cute novelty item it is actually not that mean. Mean would be allowing someone one minute on the toilet, but everytime you reset this you get approximately five. It also comes in different designs like “Dad” and “Presidential”.

If you think this would be a good gag gift you can check out the listing here.

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I get it sometimes you just want ten seconds away from your nagging family. But there’s a limit to how long you can sit on the toilet and avoid life. If you really want to avoid people, take a nap like the rest of us.

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