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Mix the Perfect Drink with the Spirit Top

For those of us who enjoy mixed drinks, there are sometimes inconveniences that can hinder the drink-making process if you’re preparing for a group of people.  Obviously, professional bartenders have this down to an art, but the average person at home or heading to a gathering may not.  There’s the issue of transportation, quantity, portion size, alcohol type, mixer type, all sorts of things that one has to consider and prepare correctly.

But with the invention of the Spirit Top, that can easily change.

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The Spirit Top is a cap that you can place on top of an open bottle of soda, or other canned drink, and twist to mix in an alcohol of your choice.  Each top contains about a shot of alcohol and can be mixed in with a can, or it can even be drank on its own or poured into a cup.  It’s a super cool idea for parties without having to worry about playing bartender all night or portion size.

Currently the Spirit Top is in a development phase and is being crowdfunded on Indiegogo.  They have reportedly been discussing brand deals with some major alcohol companies, so once the crowdfunding is complete, you may be able to find your favorite brand in a Spirit Top.  They want to offer variety packs as well, which could be excellent for parties.

The original prototype was in plastic, but the company has assured the final version will be aluminum, which is more cost effective and hopefully less wasteful in the long run.  It’s also been said to be an improvement to the 50 ml “mini” bottles that are currently in production.  The top has a mechanism that, when twisted, forces the alcohol in the top down into the can, and forces the contents of the open can up into the top, effectively mixing the drink.  With this method there’s almost no need for any mixing tools or glasses, and this can be super convenient if there’s nowhere to properly use these tools anyway.  Just pop on the top and twist!

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The Spirit Top was created by a gentleman named Matt Staus.  Matt loves coming up with ideas and writes them down in a notebook of his until he can make his creation.  He has many sketches of the original ideas of the Spirit Top, and the original prototype that was 3D printed was known as the Spirit Sphere and resembled a hockey puck.  It’s come a long way since then, and has lots of promise.

The company has even talked about non-alcoholic options containing things like lemonade, coffee, energy drinks, juice, sparkling water, and other things you could mix into your sodas or other canned drinks.

A few details about the Spirit Top include that there is no glass in the product, they can be chilled if they’re warm, they can be recycled while still attached to the can, they can be poured, they cause no dilution, and they’re reportedly of bartender quality.  This invention truly sounds exciting!

If you want to check out their kick starter, you can find it here: The Spirit Top on Indiegogo.  Remember to drink responsibly!

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