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Dish Wants to Pay Someone $1,000 to Watch 15 Hours of ‘The Office’

You know if you’re going to get paid to do something it a giant bonus when it’s something you were going to do anyway. Fifteen hours of ‘The Office’ is a drop in the bucket for many fans as you can just set that sucker on play and let it ride. The moments between the cast, those looks that Jim gives the camera, all priceless gems in the world of television comedy.

Now Satellite TV provider Dish is looking to pay someone $1,000 just to watch 15 hours, or around 45 episodes of ‘The Office’. The kicker is that you have nine days to do it so you don’t even have to binge it if you don’t want to. And odds are if you start out watching the first 45 episodes you’re going to want to just finish the entire 201 episode series.

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As you watch the show you will have to complete a checklist that has a tally of the common tropes involved in each episode. They want to know how many times Stanley rolls his eyes, or how many times Michael makes a joke to or about Pam to which he is met with no reaction. Poor Pam…

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Dish is trying to understand how sitcoms that repeat common tropes throughout the shows they include on their service pair up to others. They also want to see the viewers reactions on twitter and other social media.

The winner will receive $1,000, some “Office” merchandise and a Netflix gift card. Which would then in turn allow them to binge the rest of the show more easily. Because once you go down the path of a Dunder Mifflin employee, you’re going to want to see it through to the end.

You can apply by following the link here.

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