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Help Your Career with Microsoft 70-413 Exam and Practice Tests from PrepAway

When you became an IT specialist who is fully equipped with the knowledge of Windows Server and its versions and you even upgraded your skills by successfully passing the Microsoft 70-413 exam, it is time for you to move further. If you want the employers to notice you and recognize the skills that you possess, you should consider earning a certification of the next level of expertise. The certified and experienced professionals are those the companies are looking for everyday. So if you are among this group of individuals, the probability of getting a new job or getting a promotion will be significantly higher.

The main question is where you should go next. If you go to the Microsoft website, you will learn that the company offers a plethora of credentials. Some of them might not seem appealing to you, however,others will be right up your alley. If you are interested in Windows Server, especially version 2012, or have worked with the platform in the past, it will be very easy for you to find an answer.The next step for you is to consider going for the Microsoft 70-413 exam. There are a lot of jobs that require a deep knowledge of Windows Server and you can be the one to work in one of such positions.

Knowing about Microsoft 70-413 Exam

There is no denying the fact that passing the 70-483(Learn More) certification test can bring a lot of benefits to your career. However, if you want to enjoy these advantages, you will need to give something in return, and in this case, the price is time and hard work. Passing this Microsoft exam is going to be challenging but it does not mean that it is impossible. If you just focus on the task ahead and prepare for it, you will surely be able to pass.

First of all, it is important to gather the exam details so that you will be able to plan your approach.For this test, you will be required to answer around 40 to 50 questions within 120 minutes.You need to make sure that you are controlling your time properly because you don’t want to miss out on a few questions. Answering all of them within two hours is going to be a challenge and that is why you should manage your time.Also, you need to know about the cost of the exam – $165.

Studying for Microsoft 70-413 Exam

If you want to pursue the MCSE certificate, you should know what the certification tests are and what you need to do. Microsoft 70-413 isn’t going to be any different from those you have already passed. If you treat this exam like another task to clear, you will be able to complete it with great results. Just focus on studying and covering the necessary topics, the rest is going to be pretty straight forward. Whenever you are taking any test, one of the first things that you will need to do isfind the right study material.

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The first place where you should start is the Microsoft website.The company provides a lot of study materials for those who want to use official resources.You can find a whole list of prep tools that include videos, study guides, training courses, practice tests, and more. It is even possible to join a forum or a community to discuss all the questions that you have with other students.All the links to these resources can be found on the certification webpage.

Another trustworthy platform that you can visit is PrepAway. On this site, you can buy the premium bundle with 265 questions and answers to ace the exam topics, 106 lectures of a training course, and 394 pages of a study guide. With the help of practice questions, you will be able to assess your skills and knowledge. And other materials will guide you to the right path of your preparation.Don’t be afraid to use multiple resources because this just might be the thing that will help you cross the line.

Getting preparation tips for Microsoft 70-413 Exam

At the preparation phase, not only study resources are important, but also the actions that you take.When you are studying for the 70-413 certification exam, try to make a schedule so that you will be able to cover the topics in time and allocate the right amount of time for each of them.Include all the materials you have and give each of them the exact amount of time during every week of your learning. But don’t forget to add your free time with your family, your interests, and other pleasant things that you need.

If you want to pass this Microsoft test on the first try, it is best if you just focus on covering the required objectives. Thus, you should take as many practice tests as you possibly can because they will make a huge difference.Once the exam day arrives, you should make sure that you sleep well the night before and don’t study anything on this day. If you start revising things instead of just giving yourself a pause prior to the actual test, there is a chance that you might start to forget important details. Just trust yourself and take your certification exam with ease.


Passing the Microsoft 70-413 exam will prove to the employers that you know everything about Windows Server and you are fully capable of handling even more. The Microsoft certifications are highly regarded in the professional world, and if you possess one, it will show what you are made of, especially, when your goal is the Expert level.Obtaining the MCSE credential will buff your career path, so why not to use this opportunity and put all your efforts into this milestone.

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