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This Giant Tricycle Is Actually A Harley Davidson

Ready to look like a giant kid? Check out this tricycle made to look like the 1975 toy that we all used to play with. Even if we weren’t a kid in the late 70’s these things have had variations throughout the years. Usually themed with cartoons or toys of the time.

That’s a grown man on there, and by comparison he looks like a kid. It’s a trick of the eye because when we see tricycles our mind is trained to know that they are for kids. So riding on this would feel like your Mario in Big World.

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This thing is massive with a forty five inch front wheel. The “Green Machine” is definitely a beast of a toy. According to HiConsumption, “this trike is actually powered by Harley-Davidson V-Twin Evo engine, making it a full-fledged motorcycle. The motor pumps out 60 horsepower through the vehicle’s 6 speed transmission, and is good for speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. Equipped with a 8.5 gallon fuel tank, the 3 wheeler can cruise for up to 400 miles.” And it has a pretty hefty price tag at $75,000.

You can check out the motorcycle by following the link here. And if you needed something to scratch that “my parents never bought me anything fun” itch. This might be it.

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