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Pop Colors Releases Star Wars Themed Colored Pencils

Pop Colors has created hilarious and fun colored pencil sets based on popular shows and fandoms, cleverly naming the colors in the fashion of a pun or utilizing someone’s name perfectly.  They’ve made sets for Friends, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and quite a few others, all with amazing names for each of the colors.

Recently, Pop Colors has added a set for Star Wars, and they did not hold back with giving the colors the best possible names.

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The “Color Wars” set features ten brightly colored pencils ranging from “Darth Shader” to “Bluke Skywalker”.  Colors sometimes correspond to the character, like “Java the Hutt”, or the name just worked with the color name itself, like “Princess Leialac” for purple or “Maroonium Falcon” for a dark reddish brown.  They even turned a color into the well-known way Yoda talks, calling it “Green, I Am.” One that stands out brilliantly in the set in its bright color is “Return of the Redi”, though we’re pretty sure they’re not referring to lightsaber color!  The set also includes two other shades of blue and brown than the ones already mentioned, coming in “R-2 Deep Blue” and “Chewbacco.” All in all, the colors in this set are clearly “C-3P Gold”.

You can get a set of the Color Wars pencils for $14.95 at  You can also grab their set that comes with five radical Star Wars coloring pages for $22.95.

Nerdbot does not make anything off the sale of this item, we just thought you might like to know!

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