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This is Your Reminder To Buy The Clearance Valentine’s Candy Today

Ah, there really is nothing like Valentine’s Day candy. But the best day to eat it isn’t on the day, no no, it’s the week after. Or the day after if you absolutely can’t wait.

It’s a secret holiday for a lot of us, February 15th. But for some of us we love to spread the word. You know those carts at your grocery store filled with holiday candies? Yeah those start today and stay until they are all sold out. If they still have some leftover after that they will move them to the shelves they usually keep in the hall by the bathroom.

And you know what, if you missed Valentine’s Day because you were too busy or forgot. This is the most opportune time to fix that error. How smart and cunning will your future mate to be think you are when you tell them that you were waiting, ON PURPOSE! Look at you with your budgeting and healthy money saving muscles. Now you can go wild and get them everything you see that you think would make them smile. Flowers usually don’t go on sale but guess what, the chocolate does. And boy is there always a ton of it left over.

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So save the moment and be a hero. Get that candy for your mom, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your non binary love interest/friend and make them feel like $100 bucks. Only best part is, it only cost you $15 and now you have money left over for Redbox or a movie rental on Google Play.

You can usually find mountains of leftover candy at CVS/Walgreens, Albertson’s or any grocery store, and of course Target or Walmart. Happy Hunting!

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