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There’s A Weeniesaurus To Hold All Your Food For You

Just when I thought the taco holding dinosaurs were the greatest thing I’ve ever seen, Discover Channel goes and makes this. There is now a brontosaurus that will hold your weenie. And when I say weenie I of course mean your hot dog or your chili dog. Dubbed the weeniesaurus this is now my new favorite thing on Amazon.

And it’s not just for Hot Dogs! The Weeniesaurus can hold burritos(probably not the giant ones from Chipotle sorry), sub sandwiches, popcorn, snacks, candy and cookies. Anything you want your toddler to eat you can serve in this handy dinosaur. And thank goodness because have I met some picky eaters.

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This can all be yours for the low price of $17.99 which means that you will always have an eating buddy! You can check out more details by following the link here.

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