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Blind Engineer Invents Smart Cane With Google Maps & Sensors

Kursat Ceylan has been hard at work creating a walking cane that is now TIME’s 2019 Best Invention. He created this with his non-profit called the Young Guru Academy (YGA) which he is the CEO and co-founder of. He saw a need for a smart cane that could guide you even without a dog, and created one that could do just that. With Google Maps built in and sensors to tell you where things are in relation to you, he can go pretty much anywhere he wants.

WeWalk is bluetooth compatible, so you can pair it to your phone or other devices. That means you can preload a destination and just go there, which would have been almost impossible previously.

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The cane also has vibrations which tell you when you are going to hit something and audible directions. You can get one of these for $499 on their website and it’s a great idea for anyone who has lost or may be losing their vision.

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