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Baboon Creates Scene From ‘The Lion King’ Without Prompting From Anyone

The nature of wonder is an amazing thing. Sometimes you think something may be fiction, like a fox and a hound becoming friends. Or maybe a baboon holding up a young lion cub while the circle of life plays in the background. Well on February 1st at Kurt Safari some of that happened when a baboon picked up a baby lion cub in order to groom him.

Kurt Schultz said in all his years he had never seen anything like it. Usually Art imitates life, only this time it was kind of the other way around. Only not really because there’s no way that they showed the baboon The Lion King. I really don’t think it’s like the doggy daycare at Petsmart where they have movies playing in the rest area.

Kurt said that the animal kept moving from branch to branch until he found a good place to groom him. Luckily the lion cup got down safely.

Check out the amazing images below!

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Not a happy camper
Not a happy camper

All images credited to Kurt Schultz

Currently we don’t know what became of the Lion but we’re genuinely hoping that they were somehow able to get it back to his pack.

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