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Insults And Curses Are Inscribed on This Fancy China

Sometimes you just want the other person in the room to know that if you wanted, you could totally poison them. Or maybe you want them to know you’ve put a hex on them. If you need some fancy china for serving guests that you only want to come over only once, you should really check out these funny tea sets.

These are all pretty quippy. And to be honest they would be great to watch Golden Girls with a couple of close friends with. I mean we’re all adults, and some of my best friends love to insult eachother. So it would be fitting for a girls afternoon tea get together.
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You can find them on Miss Havisham’s Curiosities webpage. She also offers some nicer sentiments like “You’ll Do” but they pretty much all come with the vibe of “Witch” or “I hope you choke”. Funnily enough, my grandmother used to say just that to my grandpa everytime they ate. She would have loved these.

Nerdbot does not make anything off the sale of these items, we just thought you would like to know. Also it is important to support artists so we hope you feel compelled to purchase a set even for a gift.

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