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Disney Pixar Releases Themed Ice Cream For Your Next Marathon!

Been looking for an excuse to put on Monsters Inc. and sit down with the family to watch a bunch of Pixar? Well good news is now you can do it with themed ice cream! So far they have released two flavors, Jack-Jack’s Cookie Crumble and Cookies and Scream. @Candyhunting on instagram showcased the delicious treats. They are made by Nestle’s Edy’s/Dreyer’s brand and they are combinations that are sure to taste amazing.
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Jack Jack’s Cookie Crumble is vanilla with chocolate pieces, a cookie swirl and chocolate masks. The masks of course look like the Incredible families iconic costumes.
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Cookies and Scream, is a variation of my personal favorite ice cream. It’s actually a bit better than usual because not only is it vanilla with tons of cookie pieces but it has a fudge swirl and chocolate chips shaped like Mike and Sully.

So now you have a super duper great reason to sit back and watch Disney Plus and chill with some ice cream. And believe me no one’s going to judge you if you eat straight from the box, because no one likes to do dishes anyway.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Tell us in the comments if you’ll be buying this to try!

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