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A Neopets Animated Series is Coming!

If you weren’t that excited for a mobile game that’s coming out for Neopets then maybe an animated series will peak your interest. Singapore based Beach House Pictures is teaming up with JumpStar Games Inc. to create a series about the famous game. They are partnering with Blue Ants Studio’s animation team in Canada to create narratives around the characters we know and love.

“Beach House Pictures is developing new characters and stories,” Beach House Pictures said in a news release, “tapping into the Blue Ant Studios animation team in Canada, to expand the storytelling and bring added dimension to the Neopets kid- and family-friendly brand.”

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“Extending Neopets into an animated series is the perfect way to give our millions of fans another new platform to discover and enjoy the brand. Beach House Pictures’ passion for the Neopets brand, and its track record of producing premium content for international audiences, makes them a great partner to build on a new wave of Neopet products and storytelling we are launching in 2020.” said Jim Czulewicz, CEO of JumpStart Games.

Neopets first became an internet phenomenon in 1999. I personally discovered it one summer and became addicted to caring for and playing games to earn points with my pet. Everyday we would venture to the giant omelette and get a slice of whatever variety they had that day. It was actually a huge inspiration for my favorite breakfast to date, pepperoni pizza omelette.

While they currently haven’t given us a release date for the series this will come as a renaissance of Neopets. The first time it got big being in the 00’s when you would find plushies in places like Claire’s at the mall. If they play their cards right, Neopets will once again be popular among kids, hopefully more popular than Roblox. Because man am I tired of trying to help my kid through those Obbys.

What do you think about an animated series? Did you play Neopets back in the day? Tell us in the comments!

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