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Instant Noodle Wedding Cakes A Cheaper More Savory Option

We’ve already written about Wedding Chucks, and how one bride chose to throw a Pusheen so that they could find out who would adopt the next cat. We’ve even told you about one couple who opted for wedding pizza! Now we have a cheaper and even more savory option for those of you who love ramen. Now people are opting for a more unique tradition that goes along with what the wedding dinner will be like. Noodle wedding cakes are going to be big I can feel it.

Tot.Aw on Instagram started posting their awesome instant noodle wedding cakes and the internet went crazy with how awesome of an idea this is. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t like noodles.

Unfortunately they are located in Indonesia but it wouldn’t be completely out of the question to ask your local wedding planner if you could make this happen. I assume you would just make the noodles, put them in a pot with some kind of bonding agent and then put the pot upside down and pray it came out in one piece. But I’m definitely not a baker or noodle connoisseur so probably don’t take my word for it. Check out some of their other creations down below!

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Looks pretty good doesn’t it!

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