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Bride Tosses A Pusheen Doll Instead of A Bouquet On Her Wedding Day

I am all for do what you want on your wedding day. I did what I wanted and let me tell you it was magical. Though had I known that this was an option I would have totally opted for this.

A bride named Karen Marmo was planning out her big wedding day. And the highlight is always the bouquet toss. To see who is next in tradition to be married. (fun fact my sister caught the bouquet and she got married) But Karen was thinking outside of the box. It’s no surprise to her family and friends that she is a BIG time cat lover. So instead of throwing a bouquet she decided to get a stuffed Pusheen doll and toss the doll instead. And instead of seeing who is getting married next, it was to see who would be adopting a cat!

“I thought it’d be a fun way to include everyone regardless of gender or marital status, and it was very ‘me’ since everyone knows I’m obsessed with cats,”
Everyone was totally on board with this idea!
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This indeed was a win win in Karen’s book. And will no doubt live in her memories forever.

“The person who caught it was my friend, Emma,” Karen said. “She didn’t mean to catch it since she’s allergic. Guests fumbled the stuffed animal and it landed on her when she was shielding her face. I donated to my local shelter to make up for it.”

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