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Sam Raimi In Talks to Direct ‘Doctor Strange 2’

Not that long ago we wrote about how the director for Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness had walked away from the project. Scott Derrickson was supposed to direct but had stated the reason he was leaving was because of ‘Creative Differences.” Now in an exclusive from Variety we’ve learned that his replacement may just be Sam Raimi.

Sam Raimi is responsible for launching the current run of Marvel superhero films with 2002’s Spider-Man. Derrickson who walked away from directing will remain on as a producer but will have no creative control.

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Recently Raimi has been more focused on relaunching various horror franchises such as Poltergeist and his own Evil Dead. He is definitely one of the more well known directors to grace Marvel with his amazing history directing 15 feature films. If they aim to make this a scarier movie than the ones that came before it he is definitely the right man for the job. He can easily take the MCU into a much darker place without making it feel depressing. Seriously if you don’t believe me watch some Evil Dead. It’s Amazing.

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