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Jack Burns Dies at 86

Jack Burns who was a very well known comedian and the writer for the show The Muppets has passed away. He wrote 28 episodes of the iconic The Muppet Show from 1978-1979. He also wrote The Muppet MovieMuppet Video: Country Music With the Muppets, and Fozzie’s Muppet Scrapbook. He has passed away due to respiratory failure and left this Earth Monday, January 27th.

Before he was a writer on the Muppets he was a prolific comedian. He rose to stardom alongside George Carlin. They used to perform at the Playboy Club in Los Angeles and then went on to do The Tonight Show With Jack Paar. His latter partner was Avery Schreiber and the two would perform on such notable shows as The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, and The Ed Sullivan Show.

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He acted on screen in some of our favorite classic shows like Happy Days, The Andy Griffith Show and did some animated novelties such as The Animaniacs, The Simpsons & Darkwing Duck.

He was nominated for two Emmys for writing The Muppet Show.

He will be sorely missed and his talent will not go without notice. He was one of the greatest writers of our generation and our thoughts go out to his friends, family and fans at this time.

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