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‘Digimon’ is Getting Rebooted This Spring

With the original series debuting in 1999 which is now over 20 years ago(yeesh) they have decided it’s time to bring it back! The franchise will be getting a new reboot in Japan that will be airing this April.

Anime News Network states that the series is going to be set in 2020 and will follow Taichi(Tai). He will be Agumon and be going on a brand new adventure.

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They have yet to announce whether or not this will be airing simultaneously in America though the trailer is in English. We’re assuming they haven’t connected with a company like Crunchyroll or Funimation yet and are perhaps still in the bidding stage for the show.

This show will bring a new opportunity to get into the franchise much like Sailor Moon Crystal was a gateway for Sailor Moon fans. There is no word yet on if this will be a direct copy with brand new animation to keep it looking fresh, or if the story will go in a different direction. The animation that they post in the video is much more cleaned up than the 90’s version and it will certainly be in widescreen.

What do you hope for the new reboot? Are you excited for more Digimon?! Tell us in the comments

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