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Artist Recycles Old CDs Into Cool Animal Sculptures

If you’re like me and are in your mid 30’s you probably have a collection of CD’s you can’t seem to get rid of. Whether they have important Roms and Emulators you can’t get anymore or other important data saved from the 00’s Sharebear, Kazaa or even Napster it’s just too hard to let them go. The kicker being that computers, yeah they don’t even come with a disc player anymore. So you’d have to get a whole new piece of tech just to read them. Anyway it would seem that Australia based artist Sean Avery has found the perfect use for them. And what he’s come up with is turning them into stunningly beautiful animal sculptures.

He uses kitchen scissors to cut the pieces by hand and then hot glues them one by one onto a mesh frame. He shapes the mesh frame by hand and says that it usually takes about a week to finish one. These are absolutely beautiful.

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Make sure you check out his website. He’s bound to create even more beautiful work in the future.

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