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Volante Designs Releases Sweater Based on New ‘Picard’ Series

If you are a stickler for Star Trek fashion and like to have an outfit from each iteration of the show, then Volante Designs has you covered. Newly released is this Picard sweater which is based off of the sweater he wears in some of the previews for the new show.

Jean-Luc Picard exudes elegance and appeal. Whoever your favorite space captain may be, it’s impossible to deny that Picard is beloved by all. A sophisticate, a Shakespearean, a tea drinker, a profound thinker, and decisive leader, his ideals belong in every century. Be true to your prime directive and live up to your code in this understated, comfortable sweater. The Picard Sweater is very soft to the touch, but it will hold its shape for many voyages. A rich red color, it’s wonderful for the holidays, for daily wear, and for reuniting with old friends from across the galaxy. Get yours now.

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The sweater is a Bordeaux color which is a wine red. Fitting when you think of how Picard retired to his winery. It is stretchy material and is made to fit everyone, women, men and non binary. The sweater runs for $159 but if you were thinking of having a more casual Picard cosplay then that’s not a bad price.

Do you cosplay as any Star Trek characters? Tell us in the comments if you do!

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