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Family Feud Canada Contestant Eve Dubois Wins $10,000…of Popeye’s Chicken

In a clip that has gone viral [for all the right reasons], a contestant on Family Feud Canada answers incorrectly (possibly prematurely) only for the room to erupt in laughter as her family facepalms over the loss of $10,000.

“Name Popeye’s favorite food?”

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You: Spinach of course!

Eve Dubois: Chickennnnn!

Now, I wouldn’t hold this against anyone under the age of 25 for not knowing who Popeye is, but unfortunately for Eve Dubois, the question was referring to the Sailor and not the fast food chain.

He’s Popeye the sailor man!

You have to feel for this contestant. The entire time the room is laughing, she is dancing and elated, thinking she just got away with winning $10,000 over the simplest question. The host even continues to mimic her “chickennnn,” shout and dance. I especially love when you can see her point to her hair and say to her family, “blonde.” Talk about a good sport!

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

While her family may not be able to take that dream vacation they were possibly planning on, they didn’t walk away empty handed. Popeye’s loved Eve’s answer so much, they offered her $10,000 in Popeye’s Chicken!

Don’t spend it all in one place!

If she’s still bummed out about the cash prize, maybe she can work out a deal with Fortnite to get her dance in the game? Turn lemons into lemonade, people!

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