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Ozzy Osbourne And Elton John Are Working on a New Single

Elton John and Ozzy Osbourne have a pretty impressive resume of teaming up with different artists in the past for some rather memorable moments. Whether it’s Elton joining Eminem on stage at The Grammys or Ozzy and Primus reworking a Black Sabbath, both are no stranger to the collaboration.

But what if these two Rock-N-Roll Hall Of Famers were to work together? Believe me, stranger this have happened and if reporting from turns out to be true… the union of the Ozzman and the Rocketman could be coming to our Spotify’s sooner than later.

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So the big reveal took place on a recent episode of the CBS daytime talk show appropriately titled, The Talk. Sharon Osbourne, who is one of the hosts (I totally forgot too), sort of update on all things Ozzy which included the news of the Elton John team up. There wasn’t much… just a simple mention of the project, I’m sure she’s keeping the details to herself but if you’re a fan of either artist I guarantee this song is going to be something special.

Whenever the song does get released it will mark the first time Elton John and Ozzy Osbourne have ever worked together musically. I’m unable to confirm if the track will be on Ozzy’s new album Ordinary Man that is due later this month but keep checking back with Nerdbot for more details.

By Adam Chmielewski


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