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Natural History Museum Will Display Fictional Fossils From Harry Potter

Scientists from The Natural History Museum are hard at work for their next exhibit. They have created fossils from the fictional world of Harry Potter and will be displaying them next to real fossils. They have done this in partnership with Warner Bros. and the fake fossils are all going to be made from JK Rowling’s Fantastic Beast franchise.

They are going to have Eumpent horns and Dragon Skulls and teach you about Newt Scamander. The idea is that they will inform you about the magical animals while also telling you about their real life parallels. They are going to have a conservationist message and are co-producing a documentary which blends natural history with Harry Potter Lore.

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Discover where the real and wizarding worlds intertwine, and how the wonders of the natural world have inspired myths, legends and magical creatures for generations.  

Embark on a journey where not all is as it seems, where magical beasts and fantastic animals share abilities and behaviours that allow them to dazzle, attract and escape. 

Celebrate real-world explorers who, like the character Newt Scamander, help us to understand our planet’s extraordinary creatures so we can protect them for the future.  

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They are going to display the props like any other specimen. And right next to real ones, so that it will be difficult to differentiate between the two if you aren’t part of the tour. Fantastic Beasts: The Wonder of Nature opens in spring of 2020. It is being billed as a spectacular celebration of science.

This is the Natural History Museum in the UK so if you wanted to plan a trip now might be the time to do it. You can find out more details on their website You can also read more about it and see a picture of the erumpent horn the scientists made by following the link here.

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