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A Real Life Jurassic Park is Being Built

One thing I never really thought I would want to do is go to the real life Jurassic Park. Too many issues and a guy gets eaten by a Tyrannosaurus Rex. I mean, no thank you. But if you were to tell me that there would be a fossil excavation area, I might change my tune. As long as there isn’t any real life DNA shenanigans going on I can probably handle it. Animatronics are much safer. Better yet keep things online, like an Online Casino in Michigan that I never have to step foot in. I can just experience the thrill on my computer.

Photo by Jon Butterworth on Unsplash

According to the Dailystar China is going to be building a real life Jurassic Park. They are looking to have it ready by 2021 and you will be able to fully explore the world of paleontology. The new theme park will be located in Chongqing, China and will be called Pu’an Dinosaur Geopark. In the park you will be able to explore and discover facts about your favorite dinosaurs. The best part is that you can dig your own fossils. If you are local to the states there are many Natural History Museums that you can visit and now if you are touring China you can discover even more dinosaur history.

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Image: Don Davis Via NASA Image and Video Library

Though the dinosaurs died out many years ago that has never kept us from wondering about them and studying their history. They died from various reasons including the impact of an asteroid, which set in motion many factors that changed the planets balance. The dense clouds of dust blocked the sun which made the earth cold. Then when the dust settled they say that the Earth became too hot, so whatever did survive the freeze was wiped out during that.

If you are super into dinosaurs and Jurassic Park you would be happy to know that the Original cast is coming back for the upcoming Jurassic World 3. We will be able to see Laura Dern, Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum do their thing onscreen again. Now if they get these three for opening day of Pu’an Dinosaur Geopark I am booking my tickets today! I mean seriously if I can get a picture with living God Jeff Goldblum and excavate my own dinosaur fossils? I’m dropping everything and taking a trip to China.

What do you think about this theme park? Would you want to go dig up dinosaurs? Tell us in the comments!

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