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Japan’s “Festival of the Steel Phallus” is Coming Up

Every year since 1969(nice) Japan has held a festival where you can go and celebrate safe sex and protection and awareness against HIV. What started out as a day of prayer for prostitutes who would pray against contracting STD’s has turned into a full blown celebration. The festival happens April 5th 2020 so if you wanted to make a trip to Kawasaki, Japan there is still time to book your tickets.

Will you rise to the occasion? During the celebration of “manhood” they have all kinds of fun activities ranging from riding on a mechanical bull like apparatus to eating snacks and confections shaped like novelty “junk”. It would seem though that in Japan circumcision is the most common type of manhood since the only images I can find are of sculptures indicating they’re cut. So uh, I guess more power to them.

Kanamara is also to celebrate and pray for other things as well as protecting against STDs. They say that it helps business prosperity, and clan’s(families) prosperity; and for easy delivery, marriage, and married-couple harmony. So it’s a basically a celebration of relationships, which I can get behind!

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