3D Print Barbie Suits of Armor & Battle Accessories

Designer Jim Rodda launched a kickstarter back in April of 2014 to fund a 3D printed design of medieval armor for Barbie. Typically you can find her in spring dresses, bathing suits, career outfits and formal wear, but there was one thing missing that Rodda sought to change. Now you can grab your Barbie horse and joust for the hand of the princess.

While Rodda isn’t affiliated with Mattel his new concept of battle suits and weapons has been very well received. He is called the new set “Faire Play” and you can print the sets yourself if you have a 3D printer.

The original article I sourced was from 2014 so it had old links and unfortunately the files were hard to find. But I was able to track them all down on different sites on the net. Now you can play with your Barbies and play some awesome Knights in shining armor scenarios. In my book that beats going to the mall and shopping, or watching her little sister Chelsea.

For the Athena kit you can follow the link here. Her download set is free.

The set with the fur-kini can be downloaded here. This set costs $4.95

And for the suits of armor you can purchase the file for $25.99 by clicking the link here. Or you can just check them out.

You can follow Jim Rodda on Thingiverse.com

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