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Pokemon Dioramas Will Let You See Inside Their Secret World

Ever wondered what the inside of a Pokeball looks like? After all, when we throw a Pokeball there is a burst of light and the creature is gone. For all we know there could be entire rave parties going on inside them. PalletCraftsbyXev addresses this mystery with their beautiful Pokemon dioramas. Each diorama shows off a Pokemon inside its own beautiful ecosystem contained in a Pokeball. Check it out!

Yes, you can have a Pokeball with multiple Pokemon inside!
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Don’t see your favorite Pokemon? No worries! Terrariums are sold by environment instead of individual Pokemon! For example, the one with Gengar is a cemetery Pokeball. So you can select this environment and let the artist know which Ghost-type Pokemon you would like in this spooky Pokeball. Additionally, you can also choose whether you want lights in your Pokeball for extra glow!

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All Pokeballs come with their clear tops sealed on. All terrariums are handmade. Additionally, details such as foliage color can be changed. No matter what your favorite Pokemon may be, PalletCraftsbyXev has a Pokeball for them to call home! So, get out there and start catching some Pokemon!

You can find these Pokeballs by PalletCraftsbyXev on Etsy.

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