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Baking Hack! How to Make Baby Yoda Cookies

If you want to know how to make your Holiday party really shine this year then you should check out this baking hack from Geoga142 on Imgur. They’ve found that if you cut off the angel’s head after using your cookie cutter you get a cute Baby Yoda shape. Check out the images they shared here!

Artify – Square

I give props to the icing skills on these cookies. I have yet to figure out exactly how to do it. Even though I bought the whole kit off Amazon… but that’s another story. Anyway they also shared the steps in the post. Check it out!

Keep Going!
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After you bake your sugar cookies you outline and then fill in the cookie with icing. Then you’re free to decorate with sprinkles etc. They just used black frosting for the big adorable eyes. This is something you could try at home and use pretty much any sugar cookie recipe for. You just have to make sure its one that won’t expand on you. The roll out and cut method.

Well happy baking everyone!! And if you want share the pictures with [email protected] so we can do a best of the worst!

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