It’s been over 20 years since we saw Half Baked premiere on the big screen. A cult classic with the stoner crew that has aged wonderfully through the ages. Now we have word that Half Baked 2 is in the works! Comedian Justin Hires has been selected to work on the script for the upcoming film.

It will be a neat experience to see where Hires takes the script and for us to see how their world has developed. In the original it followed the story of three chronic weed smokers, Dave Chappelle, Guillermo Díaz, and Jim Breuer, three friends who need to raise money fast to bail their friend(Harland Williams) out of jail.

The news first broke through Comedy Hype where they state that Dave Chappelle will not be starring in it. They also say:

“Hires who currently stars on CBS’s MacGyver and previously on CBS’s Rush Hour reboot; has been recruited to pen the script for Universal 1440 Entertainment. The upcoming sequel will be told through the eyes of the film’s original character Thurgood’s (played by Chappelle) son.  As of now it’s not clear as to why Chappelle will not be reprising his role in the upcoming sequel but according to co-writer Neal Brennan, both he and Chappelle weren’t fans of the original.”

There is still a chance that Dave Chappelle could be in it, but nothing has been announced at this time.

Are you excited to see Half Baked 2? Tell us in the comments if you liked the original!

2 responses to “‘Half Baked 2’ Is In The Works!”

  1. I think its a bad idea… I fir one won’t watch it. Why does Hollywood always FUCK UP a classic? No wonder Dave Chappelle won’t be in it!!!

  2. You know, I was just ruminating on whether Dave Chapelle would do another Half Baked, but I figured it was too late in his career and the original should stand as is. This bullshit confirms that. I have a feeling this will be found in your local Walgreens $5 DVD bin in a couple of years.

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