New Baby On Board Decals Available for Mandalorian Fans

Rather than put up the old baby on board yellow sign decal why not choose to have something more.. you? Ever since “The Child” aka Baby Yoda popped up into our lives our quality of life got way better. It’s nice to have an imaginary creature to coo over. And like some babies they were a total surprise. Now you can show your love for the newfound child while also protecting your own with these new baby on board decals.

This one shows the Mandalorian with “The Child” in a pod. It’s probably the favorite between the two I am going to show you. But to be honest they are both really cute. This Baby Yoda On Board Vinyl Decal Sticker is by Garrett Dare Creations.

And this one is just “The Child’s” face in a decal form. Again still cute! You can get this Baby Yoda On Board Decal by Momming Down Main St.

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