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Beautiful Star Wars Oil Paintings by Naci Caba Available for Prints

When you think of original fan art it usually takes you one of two places. Deviantart or Etsy. Well we’ve stumbled upon some of the most beautiful Star Wars artwork ever on Etsy and we just had to share. Etsy seller Naci Caba of GaleriFoton paints these amazing pictures and if you want one you can buy a canvas print. You can choose just the canvas print or to have it mounted and framed. Any of these would be an amazing addition to any nerdy home. He specializes in fantasy and sci-fi and has shaped his career on creating these masterpieces. Here is a gallery of some of his available artwork.

The composition and colors used show that he really understands the depths of the sci-fi world. These are all masterfully done with minute details and care. You can tell that they have been painting for a very long time if you look at how the brushstrokes are so confidently placed.

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If you would like to check out more of their work you can do so by favoriting  GaleriFoton on Etsy. You can also check out his artist page by clicking here.

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