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Old Theater Turned Bookstore is One Of The Most Amazing Places On Earth

Bookworms always love a unique library or bookstore.  There’s something about books in a strange or mystical environment that can be so cozy and wonderful, whether shopping or reading.  It’s even more enchanting when that bookstore was once an older building with a different purpose.

In Argentina, an old theater has been converted into one such bookstore.  A century old, the theater was architecturally restructured to accommodate for a vast shop full of books, as well as a café located on the old stage.  A place that once held events such as the ballet, the opera, and in more recent decades an active movie theater, is now a host to books and the people that love reading them.

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The El Ateneo Grand Splendid spans several floors, each loaded with shelves of literature.  People could definitely spend countless hours in this place and enjoy every moment of it. The old curtains are still in place, keeping the feel of the theater, as well as the balconies that rows of seats once occupied.  Even the front entry still looks like a theater lobby, but full of books and literature-related merchandise. The architecture is still ornate and fancy as well and really enhances the atmosphere.

The bookstore is located in Buenos Aires, and some of their literature is available in English for travelers.  It is a definite must-see for nerds and bookworms alike.

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